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I’m an experienced Vancouver-based Professional Business Plan Writer.


Tailor-Written Business Plans


Every Business Plan Writing Service I offer produces 100% unique, tailor-made business plans. They are fine-tuned to each client's distinct business model and capital investment needs. My business plan writing work benefits from my full business planning expertise. With brilliant results! 


I can comfortably say I am one of the best business plan writers in Vancouver and the rest of  British Columbia.


No Agents...No Templates

No assistants or secondary agents do the business plan writing narrative. I use no standard templates or copy/paste schemes. (If you insist on using a template try the Futurpreneur Business Plan Writer)


Full Coverage

My research and business plan services process covers all the bases:​


  • The opportunity from the market need generates a new product or service (solution).

  • The size of the opportunity. The level of competition. Other potential internal and external threats to the venture.

  • Marketing and operational strategies and tactics are detailed. The size of investment required to start and grow the new business. ​


  • My hand-crafted business plans range from 20 to 60 pages in length. It depends on the complexity and level of detail required.


  • Business Plan Writing Services can conclude in as little as a few business days if urgently needed. Typically 2 to 6 weeks of concentrated effort is the norm.

Why Hire A Professional

Business Plan Writer Service

In Vancouver?



I assess business plan requirements with experienced eyes. I’ve spent ‘decades’ preparing successful plans and I know what gets results. As your Vancouver business plan expert, I increase the probability of you getting your investment or loan money.


I have a wealth of investor and lender requirements knowledge. I know what their expectations are. I'll ensure your business plan contents are designed to win their favour. 


Not only will you increase your odds of getting the full funding you are looking for. You’ll also be able to launch your new business project with full financial force. And get the returns you expect over the long term.


Needless to say, as your business plan consultant, you benefit. You have time to do more valuable and productive work. Better than spending dozens of hours preparing a low-impact business plan on your own.


My business plan writers cost is definitely a positive ROI investment!







Business Plan Writer Vancouver

Benefit 1 - Get Funding Support...for  Any Amount...for Any Business Need

I’ve helped my clients get investment capital since 2010. Here are a few examples:

  • $30 Million - Spa and Wellness Centre - Build and Operate (Saint Kitts and Nevis Islands, Caribbean)

  • $20 Million - Luxury Villa Holiday Resort - Build and Operate (Bali, Indonesia)

  • $1.5 Million - Yoga Garment Company - Startup (Denver, Colorado)

  • $500K - Cold Pressed Juice Production - Startup (Bali, Indonesia)

  • $375K - Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Facility - Startup  (Ibiza, Spain)

  • $75K - Furniture Production - Facility Upgrade -  (San Francisco, California)

Benefit 2 - Canadian-Operated with Worldly Experience

I operate BizPlanPlus. I'm a Canadian with a 20-year career as a Product Manager, Business Strategist, and Director of Market Development with:


  • 2 Canadian Telecommunications service providers (Telus and Bell Mobility), 

  • 3 Silicon Valley and SE Asia High Tech companies (Octel Communications, Lucent Technologies, Nokia)

  • General Manager in the SE Asia holiday hospitality industry (Exotiq Property Management).


Since 2010 I have provided business planning services through BizPlanPlus. Clients are fresh entrepreneurs and seasoned business developers. They operate from Bali, SE Asia, and globally in several other countries. However, Vancouver has been the permanent home of BizPlanPlus since 2021.

Benefit 3 - You

I work with only one client at a time to assure 100% undivided attention and effort. There are no ‘teams’ of unknown people handling your business plan writing. Just me, exclusively.


I have worked with many clients at the same time before. They were short-changed by shared client work focus. Some or most of the work went to less-invested business plan writing ‘team’ resources. Business students, freelancers, or junior internal business writers.

Benefit 4 - Greater Vancouver and BC Only

I live and work in the Greater Vancouver municipal area, the Lower Mainland, and the province of British Columbia. I know and appreciate your local British Columbia business context.


Awareness of your local industry, market conditions, and unique business climate is a requirement for quality business plan writing.

Benefit 5 - We Begin with a Blank Page

My commitment is to write business plan narratives without relying on pre-formatted templates, fill-in-the-blank software applications, or copy/paste plagiarism from prior business plans.


Expert business plan writing doesn't follow a linear path. Each plan section informs previous or following sections. The document matures until it's completely finished (like painting a picture).


Every plan I write starts with a blank sheet of paper (actually a fresh Google Docs document).


The narrative writing grows from a series of collaborative client and writer discussions. Through in-person and video or telephone calls. My own relevant industry, market, competitor, and regulatory research is also added.

Benefit 6 - Financials from the Ground Up

You will need financial projections to support your business plan writing narrative. I build them the same way I write the narrative...from the ground up!


I don’t cut corners by using preset spreadsheets to force-fit your Pro-forma details. It all begins with a discussion. And results in 100% tailor-made income and cash-flow statements and balance sheets.

Benefit 7 - Over-the-Shoulder Client Controls

Witness your business plan's written narrative and financial spreadsheet work as it you are looking over my shoulder.


We use the shared document features of Google Docs and Google Sheets. And you have the authorization to comment and edit as the documents take shape. All in real-time with me or any other time you like, 24/7. Version control is also automatic...nothing gets lost in the cloud.

Benefit 8 - Ongoing Support

I won't abandon you once your business plan writing is complete and investor-ready.


Go ahead, pitch your plan to secure business capital. I am always ready for a call or in-person discussion to help prepare or debrief (no added fee). I’m invested in your results too.


Also, I am an experienced business performance coach. It is common for me to continue working with my business plan clients, throughout their business startup, and beyond.

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Yes, I Write All Types of Business Plans

Business Plans for a range of specific purposes.


As a professional business plan writing expert...


I write them all.

What Type of Business Plan Do You Need?

Business Plan Types

Startup Business Plan?

Do you have a new business dream that you want to bring to market? Make that dream a reality with a Startup Business Plan.

  • A startup business plan focuses on important goals and expresses your entrepreneurial message.
  • You need this support in key meetings with investors, partners, staff, and customers.
  • The planning process crystalizes your thinking and translates into a logical narrative.
  • Your story then unfolds into your startup costs and a financial forecast.
  • Then it's time to determine the amount and source of startup capital needed to fuel your dream...and where to get it.

Growth Business Plan?

Growth is a predictable phase of your business life cycle. Business growth offers opportunities and rewards as well as risks and frustrations. Only you can decide whether to expand your business or maintain the status quo.

Writing a growth plan ensures clarity as you expand and is like writing a startup business plan. An expansion plan focuses on growth and how to achieve it. Producing a useful plan takes time and effort which I can reduce, with a higher quality result. It will pay off by keeping your growth efforts on track.

Exit Business Plan?

A Business Exit Plan is your strategic plan to sell your investment in your company to other investors or another company. It provides a way out when the time comes to get out. And, it's your pathway to reduce or liquidate your stake in a business and make a large profit. Create your business exit plan before starting a business. Then make adjustments as your business grows and market conditions change. Investors want to see your business exit strategy. Even if you are running a solo entrepreneur business. For you, like any business investor, the questions are the same when it's time to exit:

  • How to get your money out of the business?
  • How much are you going to back?
Your exit strategy written in advance ensures positive answers to these questions. It offers more control over your business's future. There are several exit business plans for small businesses to choose from: Liquidation
  • Close the business and sell all the assets.
Liquidation Over Time
  • Extract the profits from the business over time before closing the business.
Keep It in the Family
  • Keep your legacy alive and provide ongoing income for your family members.
Sell to Managers or Employees
  • Employees and managers may be very predisposed to buying your business.
Sell the Business in the Open Market
  • You sell the business at a certain price — and keep the amount of money you want.
Sell to Another Business
  • Positioning your small business for acquisition can be quite profitable.
Initial Public Offering (IPO)
  • While not always possible for small businesses, an IPO can be hugely profitable.

Equity Investor Business Plan?

Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors are outside groups or individuals with business investment capital. They take significant ownership share of early-stage companies in exchange for their big investments. Only high-growth companies with experienced management teams are equity investment opportunities. These investors usually want to see a summary of the opportunity and a formal business pitch. They expect that you have a rigorous business plan already completed. They will want to see it in detail if you pass based on your pitch to them.

Bank Loan Business Plan?

Most commercial banks require a business plan as part of a loan application. A loan proposal is usually a business plan summary (generally less than 10 pages) used by established businesses that are seeking financing for a specific need. You'll need both to get your bank business loan.

Canada Immigration Business Plan?

Canada welcomes foreigners with experience and enough money to start new job-generating businesses. Associated immigration programs all need a specialized business plan. Each business plan is closely inspected by investors and immigration officers. I understand the visa application process and requirements. I write bespoke immigration business plans for each foreign client. All plans meet the key requirements for each immigration business visa program. SUV - Start-up Visa Program Business Plan A Startup Visa requires sponsorship by an incubator, angel investor, or venture capital firm. With a unique and well-written Start-Up Visa business plan. British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) For foreigners wanting to create a new business in British Columbia. They go through the British Columbia nominee 2 step process.

  • Applicants submit an Expression Of Interest including a Business Concept
  • Positive score results earn an Invitation To Apply. It requires a detailed Business Plan based on BC PNP requirements.
LMIA Owner Operator Business Plan For foreigners buying a controlling interest in an existing Canadian business. And involved in day-to-day enterprise operations. ICT Intra-Company Transferee Work Permit Business Plan For international companies wanting to move business managers, and employees. The purpose must be to create or develop their Canadian affiliates. Self-Employed Persons Program Business Plan For self-employed foreigners with successful or related experience in cultural activities or athletics.

Succession Business Plan?

If you're a business owner nearing retirement age consider a succession business plan. It ensures smooth passing of control to designated family members or trusted associates to own or run your business after retirement, disability, or death.

Government Loan and Grant Business Plan?

A business grant or loan proposal is a specialized business plan. Each grant and loan application is different but most have the same requirements. A well-written grant business plan will place you above the other grant applicants. We’ll choose a grant your business is actually qualified for. I will tailor the business plan to the grant application. I ’ll determine the grant foundation's mission and follow the application step by step to help ensure your grant application is at the top of the list.

Marketing Plan?

A marketing plan is your strategic path for customer communications. It is how you promote your products and services. Marketing plans range from basic to detailed. They can stand alone or are a significant section of your business plan. Marketing plans help you identify market needs that your product or service must meet. It describes your unique product differentiation and users of your product or service. A marketing plan is also a blueprint for sales and brand strategies.

Operations and Management Plan?

An operations and management plan tells how your business operates on a regular basis. It covers operationally critical things including business location, manpower, facilities, equipment, and procedures. It also describes the tasks required for operating your business. An operating and management plan ensures managers and staff know their specific roles, and how to execute them on time.

Financial Plan?

A business plan is a conceptual story until you add the numbers to support it. It looks forward and tells you if the business is profitable or a waste of time and money. There are two basic reasons for a financial plan:

  • For seeking money from venture capitalists, angel investors, and friends or family. They want to see how your business will grow and how they can make a profit.
  • A banker or any other money lender wants to be certain you’ll pay back their loan.
It includes four financial statements:
  • Income statement (P&L)
  • Cash flow projection
  • Balance sheet
  • Statement of shareholders' equity.

A Word About 'Confidentiality'

When your business plan concludes you will offer copies of the plan to investors and others. Your plan contains valuable information so is marked ‘confidential’. But, go one step further. Protect intellectual property in your business plan with a Business Plan Non-disclosure Agreement. I will help you draft the NDA for signing by everyone allowed to read your business plan.

Business Plan 

Review Service

Maybe you had the luxury of time to draft your own business plan.

You now want it reviewed by a business plan writing consultant. 

I will scrutinize your plan from the perspective of potential investors.


My review service is economical and guarantees your business plan is of the highest quality.

There are 3 levels of business plan review services

Quick Review


  • Half hour to review your business plan materials

  • Half hour client discussion




  • 2 hours reviewing your business plan and a written assessment of the business plan and financial model​

  • Half hour question and answer discussion with business plan expert guidance




(Full Day)

  • 6 hours spent reviewing your materials. 

  • 1 hour in-depth written assessment  with on-page improvements to the business plan and financial model.

  • 1 hour consultation to review your questions with added guidance.

   Additional hours at your request $149/hour   

My Client Engagement Process




  • We meet to assess your business plan writing needs.

  • I provide you a firm verbal business plan writing fee with general terms


  • I follow-up with a formal agreement (it details the scope of work, estimated duration, fees, etc.)


(Following Initial 50% Fee Payment)

  • 1st Collaboration Meeting to collect your relevant business information


  • A Google Docs document is shared with permission for you to visit my work at any time.

  • You can track progress, provide on-page comments and minor editing.


  • As needed, we collaborate in real-time (in-person, video call, telephone, and email).

  • We review the ongoing development of the narrative-writing and money-modeling process.


  • Final copies of the business plan are produced physically and digitally then handed over to you for use with investors, lenders, and others.

11. PITCH DECK PRODUCTION (Optional for an Added Fee)

  • Based on your provided information and initial guidance. I research your market, industry, customers, competitors, etc.


  • Based on your provided information and initial guidance.

  • I research your market, industry, customers, competitors, etc.


  • I create financial models in Google Sheets with the same shared controls as Google Docs. 

  • The models are based on details in the written narrative plus added financial input from you.


(Final 50% Fee Payment)

  • After ‘unlimited free revisions’ all requested changes are incorporated into the written plan and financials


(Optional for an Added Fee)

  • If requested, I will provide a beautiful and impactful full-on graphic design of all the business plan materials.



  • I am also invested in seeing your business plan pitching efforts produce successful results. 

  • As my client, I am always available to chat (in-person, video call,  telephone, email, etc.).

  • Let’s discuss any aspect of your real-life efforts to receive funding capital to move your business plans ahead.

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I get a lot of questions about the proper business plan contents and the number of pages. Opinions range from a simple one-page business plan to a few dozens pages. The section names and contents vary considerably as well.

I believe it’s best to get unbiased input on this question from a well-recognized authority. 


I went to the U.S. Small Business Association. The agency that provides advice and funding to the 30+ million small businesses there.


They produced a comprehensive 4-page guide SBA RECOMMENDED BUSINESS PLANS & LENGTH and here are the high-level section suggestions.


I very generally follow their recommendations, but with a lot of flexibility to accommodate my client’s needs.


  • High quality presentation binder containing the plan pages

  • An Attention-Grabbing Cover Page (1 page)

  • An Enticing Executive Summary (1 to 2 pages)

  • Table of Contents (1 page)

  • Use page numbers and dividers to navigate easily through the plan.

(3 to 5 pages)​


  • Here you clearly demonstrate your knowledge about your specific market/industry. 

(9 to 22 pages)​


  • An overview of the primary elements of your business and how they mesh together.

  • Include details regarding your business type and the contributing elements that ensure your business is successful.   

(1 to 2 pages)​



  • Add your firm’s organizational chart, company ownership, bios of your management team, and meaningful facts about the board of directors. 

(3 to 5 pages)​

Part 5: MARKETING & SALES                    STRATEGY

  • Define your marketing approach.

  • There is no single direction; your own strategy is part of your unfolding company planning process and unique to your company.

(4 to 6 pages)​

Part 6: PRODUCT & SERVICE                  STRATEGY

  • Define your service or product, emphasizing the benefits to potential and current customers.

  • Focus on the areas where you have a distinct advantage. Identify the problem in your target market for which your service or product provides a solution.

(4 to 10 pages)​


  • Identify the amount of capital you plan to or have already invested in the business.

  • Identify the precise amount of investment you will need to startup and run for a period. Tie it specifically to the Financial Projections. 

(2 to 4 pages)​


  • Develop these details after you know the industry and set financial objectives. Now you are able to set out resources capably.

  • This is by some measure the most important section and worthy of an added review by your accountant. Your accountant is also welcome to participate in the financial model development.

(12 to 25 pages)​

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Hiring Your

Business Plan Consultant

When you set out to hire your business plan consultant/writer it will likely be your first time. Here are some very important considerations. This list will save you from getting the wrong writer for your needs.

Never Completely Turn Over Your Business Plan to a Writer

It’s never a good idea to just turn over the writing of your business plan to a business plan expert like me. Yes, I have the great skills and experience to deliver an impressive business plan for you. But, your own business founder contributions are a core ingredient. When the business plan writing ends without quality input from a founder, it always shows.

'You' Are A Core Ingredient

I'm excited about business plans. But, investors and lenders don’t contemplate a business plan as a stand-alone document. First, they want to know the people behind it and how they discuss their business ideas. If they are interested in you, then they’ll spend time diving into your business plan details.


So, choose the best business plan writer for your needs. But be prepared to contribute critical details. Begin collaborating in the first writer/client meeting and throughout the entire writing process.

Qualities of A Good Business Writing Service

Choosing the best business plan expert service for you is challenging. They range from expensive large multi-location, multi-staff providers, all the way down to hourly freelance writers on cheap platforms like Fivver.


Here are a few questions you can ask any writer you are considering:

Are They Local to My Market?

A writer situated hundreds or thousands of kilometers away may be skillful, but may not be familiar with your local or regional market conditions.

Are They Dedicated/Exclusive to Me?

Do you get full priority over other clients? Or are you one of many? Will they be the only professional working on the plan or do many hands in the firm handle it?

How Much Business Writing Experience Do They Have?

This can be measured in terms of years spent writing and doing related professional work. It can also be measured by geographic diversity (local and international) and multiple market niche varieties.

Is There Service Fully Customized?

Ask if they use any standard business plan template applications or existing plans for reference. Good writers start with a blank page and build an excellent plan with wholly fresh information.


What About Their Fees?

Are their services pre-packaged with set fees, or are their fees based on a good assessment of your needs and a customized scope-of-work to meet them? And a well-articulated proposal? 


Don’t be swayed by published fees for writing, great business plan writing is not a commodity. Educate yourself about the details. Be rigorous in your evaluation of the features/benefits you get for the price.

Multiple Revisions?

Are you comfortable with the writer's collaboration and review specifications and their included number of business plan narrative and financial model revisions?

Speed of Delivery?

Can they meet your deadline requirements, even if it's just a few days? Are there added fees for meeting tight deadlines?

Follow-Up Service?

Are you on your own once the business plan is done? Or, does your business plan writer take an interest in being involved and offering support during your investor pitching process?

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