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Guy Nelson




Business Planning Expert

BizPlanPlus will help you receive all the investor approvals and business venture funding you need.

I'm Guy Nelson, a professional strategic planner and business coach with 30+ years of Canadian and International business planning experience. 

I can’t wait to work with you. Your entrepreneurial vision and success are important to me. 

I'm eager to learn about the immediate needs of your business model, then provide my specialized services for a productive business planning experience and an investor-approved result. 

Since 2010, clients have turned to me for help as their professional strategy consultant and business plan writer. I'm ready now to provide you with the same tailored solutions.

I started BizPlanPlus in Bali 10+ years ago as a solo-consultant with clients around the world, following a 20-year high-tech product management and business planning career in Canada, Silicon Valley, and SE Asia. I recently repatriated to Vancouver in 2021 and introduced BizPlanPlus to its new Canadian home.

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