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*Plus GST

All Pricing Proposals are in the following ranges...based on an individual assessment of client needs

$15K to $1.5K


'Business Plans'  are your written business story (typically 20-60 pages).


Financial Forecasts included in business plans over $3K.

 Pricing according to complexity, determined by...FREE  Assessment

**Added charges for unique professional graphic design treatment.




Per Statement


(If  ordered 'separately ' from a BizPlanPlus Business Plan)

  • Income  Statement

  • Cash Flow Projection 

  • Balance Sheet

$150-$100 Per Slide


Pitch Decks typically range from 10 to 20 slides.

***Added charges for professional graphic design or video production work.

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(after 1st hour)

Engagements are for a weekly or biweekly sessions (3 months minimum) 




If you had the time and skills to draft your own business plan.

Get it reviewed by a business plan writing consultant. 

I'll look at it like an investor does!


My review service is economical and guarantees your business plan is of the highest quality.



  • Half hour to review your business plan materials

  • Half hour client discussion



  • 2 hours reviewing your business plan and a written assessment of the business plan and financial model​

  • Half hour question and answer discussion with business plan expert guidance


$999 (Full Day)

  • 6 hours spent reviewing your materials. 

  • 1 hour in-depth written assessment  with on-page improvements to the business plan and financial model.

  • 1 hour consultation to review your questions with added guidance.

NOTE:    Additional hours for any package at your request $149/hour 


Professional Business Plan Writer Cost

Your new business venture will be a life-changing experience. To get capital funding you get one chance to impress your financial benefactors. Do you opt for a totally unique, professionally prepared, business plan to present them? Or, do you spend your valuable and inexperienced time writing it yourself? And, what does the actual business plan cost?


Everything about an expertly customized business plan is original. It’s based on all the unique circumstances of your unique business venture. The best business plans literally begin with blank pages. The first word on the first page and the thousands of following words are original. The structured order and concentration are also unique based on the topics that need emphasis.


Professional strategic planning and writing are rigorous and time-intensive. Using an online template or old business plan as a reference does not result in a tailored narrative. By comparison, a customized plan is highly affordable considering the:

  • Saved opportunity cost of your time 

  • Professional business plan writer cost compared to your capital funding amount

  • ROI against the future revenue streams of your business.

  • High-quality professional output.

What Affects Your Business Plan Cost?

You realize a business plan writer service yields a better quality output of your plan. But how is the business plan price for consulting actually set? A few considerations determine the consulting price. You should know them so you can make an informed choice.

  • Years of Service

The lifetime experience of the consultancy, measured in years of service is a critical indicator. People tend to get better at something the longer they work at it. Professional business planners are no exception. Ask if there will be a seasoned consultant dedicated to your business plan.

  • Work Quality

There is not necessarily a direct correlation between price and quality of work. Be aware that business plan experts who work for some bigger clients get accustomed to charging higher prices. This doesn’t always mean their work is of higher quality. Ask for real redacted samples of their work, evaluate the quality for yourself.

  • Diversity of Experience

Years of service are important, but has your consultant worked with clients in disparate country markets and a variety of market niches? Have they had other related roles as a management consultant, product manager, general manager, or have they been an entrepreneur. A richly diverse background is valuable. Ask some probing questions about their experience.

  • Level of Difficulty

Some business plans are more challenging due to the nature of the market conditions, research availability, lack of needed resources, additional degrees of detail, etc. These factors naturally add hours of time to business plan preparation and writing. Discuss expectations associated with consulting difficulty, get a satisfactory explanation.

  • Word Count

Obviously, a business plan with a projected word count of 20,000 words will cost less than one with 40,000 words. But be sure your plan isn’t unnecessarily long to justify a higher fee. Get an explanation for the projected length of the narrative.

  • Client Contribution

You hire a professional business plan expert to save you time and produce the highest quality result. You also must contribute a minimum level of data input and client collaboration. Your consultant will tell you upfront what they require. Get a clear description. Evaluate their fee versus your time spent.

What goes into the price of a business plan


Business Plan Writing Services Cost

If you are more comfortable with predetermined business plan consulting fees, I offer 3 'fixed-fee' packages for your consideration.

The ‘Complete’ Package

Intended for seed funding pitching, public presentation meetings - with funding needs in the millions of dollars.

-Complete Business Plan (Unlimited Pages)

-Financial Modeling (Income Statement, Cash Flow Statement, Balance Sheet)

-Pitch Deck (10-20 pages)

-Investor Brief (2 to 4 pages)

-Capital Investor Introductions


I prepare a complete business plan and pitching package, including personal introductions to appropriate investors.


Initially, provide your potential investors with the Investor Brief to generate early attraction.

Next, move on to a stunning presentation of your expertly prepared Pitch Deck.

Finalize your investor meeting by closing out the discussion with your impressively detailed business plan.




Preparation Time

2 to 6 weeks

Depending on complexity and client collaboration availability.

Full Start-Up Package

This is a high-quality full business plan.

I offer this package for clients needing a bank or other lender capital funding requests of $100,000 or greater.

-Full Business Plan (40 to 60  Pages)

-All Pro-Forma Financials

-Custom Research




Preparation time 2 to 3 weeks

The Turbo


This is for clients in the position of needing to present their business concept for funding or simply sharing with others. The package captures your business model and related concepts in summary form for easy sharing.

-Quick Business Plan Summary (1-3 pages)

-Fast Financial Projections (3 Years)




Ready in 3 business days

Is it Worth Getting a Business Plan Consultant?

You have determined a business plan is a necessity to attract needed capital and for the business rollout. You struggle with paying the business plan writer's cost compared to writing it yourself.

Here are a few key points to consider.

Am I dedicated to this business?

Business ideas can inspire you, but inspiration is not a commitment deserving of the time and money spent on a business plan. Honestly though, if you are passionate, maybe it's time to commit to preparing a formal business plan. By pulling the trigger to hire a business plan consultant and approach investors or lenders, you set yourself on the path to total commitment.

What are the opportunity costs of preparing your own business plan?

Sure, you may have personal circumstances that afford you the time to write your own business plan. There are risks with this approach, especially if you lack expertise.. It will definitely show in the end product. 

You don’t want an inferior business plan for presentation to investors, yet you can't afford the full business plan cost in Canada. Luckily, some consultants provide a business plan review service that may turn your work into a presentable plan. Just be sure you are opting for a high-quality consultant. There are plenty of people who claim to be experts. Evaluate them well.


If you lack the time or expertise and have sufficient funds, you can hire a professional business plan consultant. You will need to spend time initially to inform the consultant about your business concept. You will also need to turn over any advanced research or other data you have assembled. You can also expect periodic collaboration meetings throughout the plan building period, but these require minimum time commitment.

What level of prior startup business experience do you have?

If your business consultant is only an experienced business writer, they may not help you in ancillary ways. A good business planning expert offers direction on a series of related activities you must undertake. Your consultant will guide you in company establishment, locating commercial property, and recommend other business resources (including accountants, lawyers, insurance brokers, etc.)

Are you bootstrapping all of your startup capital costs or do you need to source other capital funding?

Investors see a multitude of new entrepreneurs with their business plans and pitches. When you are fortunate enough to meet with them, it will be a one-time-only situation. You and your business plan presentation will be quickly evaluated in a matter of minutes. 


For these meetings, the quality of your business plan and your ability to present and defend the contents will determine whether they will consider funding your new enterprise. Needless to say, money spent on hiring a great business planning consultant will ensure your supporting materials (business plan, financial modeling, slide deck, etc.) will be top-notch and confidence building for you and your audience.

What market share are you targeting in your business niche?

If your answer is a million dollars or multiples more annually don’t risk writing a business plan all on your own. You owe it to yourself and your future business to use an expert business planner to get the highest quality outcome. The related service fees are naturally higher than a self-written plan, but they represent a small amount in comparison to your financial projections. It’s worth the investment to increase investor or lender approval and get your business underway.

What are the characteristics of a solid business planning expert?

Do they:

-Understand the nature of your market niche?

-Do they have other satisfied clients?

-Can they share real examples of their work?

-Is their website impressive and current?

-Is the consultancy a fully registered company?

-Is this a serious consulting business or a pastime?

What Is Your Comfort-level With The Consultant?

It is vitally important to feel comfortable with the consultant. You will be overseeing their work and collaborating with them for days or weeks about an opportunity that is extremely critical to your future plans. Be certain you can successfully collaborate with them.


Remember, it is a two-way street. They need a comfort level with you too. Don’t take it personally if they decline your business planning opportunity. Likewise, you must be prepared to contribute appropriately if they do work with you.

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Business Plan Written?

True business planning consulting experts (versus simple ‘writers’) set their business plan writing costs somewhere between $3,000 and $30,000. That number gets even higher for major projects needing large capital funding.


You will see plenty of websites, applications and freelancer platforms offering business plans for several hundred dollars. Trust me, they are not experts and should be avoided like the plague. The time you spend with them in getting started on your plan and the disappointment you experience when you realize you made the wrong choice will be very frustrating.


Also, don’t presume your business plan is going to be ‘simple’. Get your consultant to do a free assessment of your needs and ask for the cost to write a business plan on the spot. They will be able to quote their fee based on a half hour discussion with you. Get them to explain their whole process to you and have them follow up with an appropriate agreement that details what they are going to do and deliver for you.

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