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Let me write your business plan.

You’ll be pleased with the results and so will your investors or lenders.

Get ready to receive all the capital funding you need.

I will do all the ‘number-tumbling’ needed to honestly demonstrate accurate financial projections to your business plan recipients.

They include income statements, cash flow and balance sheet and more as needed.



You’ll be impressed with how well your whole business plan succinctly fits into just 10-20 pages in a powerful pitch deck.


It will fully support you in even the most challenging investor presentations.

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Whether a new or experienced entrepreneur, you and your enterprise will deeply benefit from my one-on-one business coaching at any growth phase.

The payback will be quick and justify the cost.

   Hire a World-Class  

  Business Planning Expert  

Vancouver is the home of BizPlanPlus

You are here because you need world-class business plan services to help tell your life-changing business story.


You know a business plan is the foundation of your investor-targeted pitch materials. However, like the rest of my clients, you have other demanding issues and no time (or perhaps lack the expertise) to craft a persuasive business plan and the other components of your project pitch package.


Accept my help. I guarantee, the outcome will be 100% impressive and well worth the cost.


I am a professional business planning expert with the variety and depth of experience needed to produce the ideal business plan for your needs.


I have 20 years of experience in business strategy planning as a Product Manager (Telus and Bell Mobility - Canada), Director of Market Development  (Octel Communications and Nokia - Silicon Valley and SE Asia) and Hospitality General Manager (Exotiq Property Management - SE Asia). 


Since 2010 entrepreneurs like you have relied on my extensive planning expertise. My business plan knowledge covers the full range, tailor-made from the myriad of business models.

Historically, my BizPlanPlus customers were international, from Denpasar, to Dubai, to Denver and beyond. Now BizPlanPlus is uniquely Canadian, only serving clients in Vancouver and the rest of British Columbia, exclusively!

As a wise business person, you appreciate how valuable it is to have a professional business planner like me working on your behalf. With me, you get a business plan writer and a business strategist all-in-one. We collaborate and you authorize what I research and write into your plan.


By choosing me you receive experienced,  unbiased strategic business plan writing service advice. I support the plan structure and all the content into a very compelling narrative.


Initially, I derive input from targeted first-hand industry, market, customer, and competitive research. This is the background for crafting your best strategies for marketing, operations, and financial planning.


During the writing process I know it’s not simply about well-chosen words on a page. Your valuable resources are committed to a real-world project. Your business plan is honest validation the project will grow exponentially and succeed financially.

   A Business Planning Expert Who Understands You and Your Business Ideas


Here Is the problem. You have a critical need for a quality business plan for your prospective funding sources because they all expect one. 


You consider writing one yourself. But there isn’t enough time. And, honestly, you may not have the expertise to write a great one.


Hiring a proper business plan consultant is a possibility. But, what do they provide and what are the real benefits?

Why Hire


Business Plan Consultant? 

Keyboard and Mouse

 What Skills are Required for   Business Plan Consulting? 

  • Strong Analytical Skills

Your planning consultant needs a broad analytical skillset. Included is the ability to critically analyze your market conditions, competitors, financial modeling, and company operations.

  • Strategy Development

Your expert also has a background in hands-on operating or consulting with businesses. They synthesize what they learned through analysis, then propose uniquely appropriate business strategies and objectives for each section of your business plan.


  • Multi-Market Expertise

Your business planning consultant is deep in years of experience. They’ve held past positions or consulted with clients in multiple industries and markets, in varied locations. The rigors of business conditions in several geographies and disparate market niches produced their robust expertise.


  • Respectful Collaboration

While it’s true you hired your expert to manage the process and content of your business plan, they acknowledge you are the ‘boss’. You are invited to key meetings to review research results and consider strategic recommendations. Your input is requested and respected and your valuable time is protected.


  • Clear and Open Communications

Your ideal consultant is an ‘open book’. They share details of their incremental research and writing process and their progress to a successful business plan conclusion. You are able to literally see, comment on, and even make minor edits to their work online, whenever you wish. 


  • Tailored Business Plans

Your business plan specialist produces only ‘custom-made’ plans. Their plans are based solely on your chosen business model. The use of templates and prior business plans are never contemplated or used by a true business planning expert. 


  • Excellent Research Expertise

Business planning consultants are not experts in every industry or market. However, the great ones are highly skilled at sourcing credible secondary industry and market data. They can arrange primary research if needed as well. 


Their high-quality research positions your business ideas in the context of actual current business conditions. It also is their foundation for strategy recommendations and crafting the most compelling business story. 

What’s The Difference...

Business Plan Consultant or Business Plan Writer?

A Typical Business Plan Writer

You will see a lot of ads and websites promoting business plan writing. I use those words for my own service. I do actually write your plan for you. But there is a difference between writing only and full-on business plan consultation.


A typical business plan writer is focused on getting words on the page in a structured arrangement.


As the client, you provide most of the words and ideas by completing or answering a series of pre-established questions. The information you provide must include all of the background details and all of the business strategies and tactics. 


The writer's skill is simply in assimilating the information into their standard preset structure and editing the content to make it pleasing and readable. They have little or no interest (or skills) in analyzing the contents from a strategic business perspective.


The output is as though you had written the plan, but it lacks the serious research needed and you are not benefiting from any outside strategic business planning expertise. 

A True Business Plan Consultant


Your true business plan consulting expert also interviews you initially to appreciate your business situation and intentions. With those details as the background they then fully research your business environment. 


Your consultant develops a series of appropriate business strategies and tactics as recommendations to consider. At this point they may know more than you about your industry, your business model viability. The consultant also has years of experience with the business planning process. 


They are prepared to offer good strategic advice and even challenge your preconceived plans and assumptions. Your interactions become a collaboration and the quality of the plan benefits. And yes, they ‘write’ and edit the final narrative into the most impactful business plan story for your needs.

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My Business Plan Experts Fees...

And What You Get For Them

When you visit my Pricing Page page you’ll see my fees for business plans are not as specific as you’d like. There is a broad price range because every business planning project is truly unique. I can get very specific, however, in a brief initial assessment meeting


During the assessment meeting, I’ll determine how well developed your business concept is and what relevant information and research you have. We will agree on our level of collaboration throughout the overall planning and writing process. From this input, I know the scope of my work. I can then commit to a ‘fixed’ fee and formal consulting agreement.


This is what to get for your money...

Complete Business Planning Consultation

My work for a full business planning project is extensive: 

  • I interview you and possibly others as often as appropriate, without significant impact on your already busy schedule. 

  • I conduct all primary and secondary research we agree is required (your industry, market, competition, customers, products, services, etc.)

  • I propose appropriate strategies and tactics that logically support your business vision

  • I document all the details in a multiple section business plan document that is created from a blank page (no templates or copy/pasting). Initially, the plan is written on Google Docs and shared with you in real-time so you can observe, comment and even make minor edits during the writing process...

  • I perform all the financial modeling using Google Sheets, which is also shared with you in real-time for your observation and input.

  • I prepare the entire business narrative and financials in an investor-ready package that you can use immediately.


Business Plan Review Service

If your budget is tight and you have lots of time and talent for research and writing, I offer a range of support for your business plan efforts by:

  • Providing outlines or templates and other supporting material

  • Help you organize your time and areas of focus

  • Oversee and critique your research and writing efforts

Quick Review 

-Half an hour to review your business plan materials

-Half hour client discussion

Basic Review 

-2 hours reviewing your business plan and a written assessment of the business plan and financial model​

-Half hour question and answer discussion with a business plan expert's guidance

In-Depth Review - (Full Day)

-6 hours spent reviewing your materials. 

-1-hour in-depth written assessment  with on-page improvements to the business plan and financial model

-1-hour consultation to review your questions with added guidance

What is the Categorical Purpose of Your Business Plan?

There is nothing standard about the format, contents, and purpose of your business plan. I have the know-how to help prepare your business plan for:


Bootstrap Investment

You may be fortunate to have enough of your own capital to invest in your business idea. These are the most precious investment funds you’ll use. Preparing a business plan to rigorously research your real potential for success is time well spent. You need to validate the amount of risk versus reward you are taking.


You may realize you need more funding. The fact that you are using your own bootstrap funds initially and prepared a basic business plan will go far to impress the next categories of investors.

Friends and Family Loan or Investment

You are requesting investment money from the people closest to you. They will likely be satisfied with a basic plan that describes your business idea and the associated opportunities and risks. Primarily they need to know if there is a good chance you can pay them back.

A Bank Loan 

Here you are looking for a loan (sometimes government or otherwise guaranteed) from a financial institution, usually a bank. It’s almost certain the loan officer or manager will ask to review your business plan and related financial projection statements.

Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors

This category is a big jump from friends and family or your friendly bank manager. These sophisticated investors are either individuals (or a group), registered investment funds, or hedge funds. They are experienced and nuanced in the way they approach your potential opportunity. They want equity in your business, not to provide you a loan.


This group of investors has numerous business founders vying for their time and attention. Reviewing your business plan and business plan pitch are likely the first time they get to know you. 


The impact of your plan and how well you present your pitch must be professional and convincing. You will only get one brief opportunity to make a strong impression.

Commercial Landlords

It is common for landlords to ask a new commercial tenant to see a copy of their business plan. They want to evaluate the probable longevity of your business. They hope that you will be worth their investment in any leasehold improvements they must make on your behalf.

Franchise Business Plan

The great thing about a franchise is the up-front and ongoing support the franchisee receives from the franchisor. 

However, before signing up for a new franchise, they often need to prepare a business plan to evaluate the specific business conditions of the market and location of the new franchise.

Immigration Visa Business Plans

The government of Canada and the provinces offer established investment-based immigration programs that provide permanent resident status. 


They all require a comprehensive business plan.

A Productive

Business Planning Experience

When you have located your prospective business planning expert, make the effort to bring them on board adequately to ensure a productive collaboration.


Try these steps to make the whole planning experience go well...

 Take Advantage of the Pre-Agreement Assessment Meeting 

Most business plan consultants will request a 30 to 60-minute discussion with you to fully appreciate their required scope of work. During this discussion, your consultant may offer some unexpected strategic opportunities. Take advantage of this meeting to explore your obvious needs and those added possibilities.

 Provide the Consultant with All the Upfront Information Necessary 

The business plan expert will need access to all the relevant information and people connected to your venture project. (e.g. other founders, employees, outside advisors, company documents, financial reports, etc.)

 Agree on Key Deliverable Details 

An expert business plan consultant will provide you with a project plan for the first few weeks of the assignment. This will ensure that you and the consultant have an agreement on the deliverables and timing of the project.


Your business plan consultant should provide a project schedule of some sort that they may negotiate with you. At a minimum, the schedule defines key project deliverables (e.g.first draft for various sections of the narrative, sequencing of financial projection work, etc.)

 My Business Plan Consulting Process... 

I have developed tailored business plans for clients in a range of market niches. As a result, I have developed exclusive methods to consistently deliver high-quality, bespoke business plans.


My own consultant/client process includes these steps to assure your satisfaction...

 Founder Review 

Through a directed interview with you (the founder) I capture your business concept, expected growth projection, your vision, project work to date, impediments and opportunities, objectives, and intended strategies. I learn about unanswered questions needing research, and the high-level business story that you want to portray to investors, lenders, and others.

 Strategic Research 

I conduct all the needed research to:

-Estimate the size of the market opportunity

-Determine and evaluate competitors

-Reveal existing and prospective customers

-Assess the business risk and opportunity 

-Review other successful and failed firms with similar businesses initiatives

 Draft Plan Narrative 

Next, I write the first draft of your business plan minimally including the following sections:

-Executive summary

-Company analysis

-Industry and competitive analyses

-Customer and market analyses

-Marketing, operations, and development plans

-Management team

-Financial model and projections


 Review and Edit 

I review the draft plan with you and follow-up with changes to areas of concentration, wordsmithing, and navigation of the document. I include all these edits in a revised plan for final review.

 Plan Completion and Packaging 

I create a professional business plan document, with all graphic treatment, fully edited, formatted, and stakeholder and investor-ready.

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