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Your Easy Starter Guide to ECOpreneurship

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As climate change becomes a more pressing issue, consumers around the world are increasingly interested in supporting environmentally-friendly businesses. If you want to do good while making money, hop on this trend by pursuing ecopreneurship.

Here’s a startup guide from BizPlanPlus for wannabe ecopreneurs.

Do Your Research and Plan Your Business

A clear business strategy will lay the groundwork for success.

  • Conduct market research to determine how successful your business idea will be.

  • Call on BizPlanPlus to write out exactly how your operations will be structured in your business plan.

  • A comprehensive business plan and strategy will help you attain funding through grants and loans.

  • Tally up your startup costs and find ways to finance your ecopreneurial venture, from bank loans to crowdfunding.

  • Identify the unique value proposition that will help sell your brand and make it stand out from the competition.

  • A comprehensive business plan and strategy will help you attain funding through grants and loans.

  • Simplify your accounting and manage your finances with the best accounting software.

Handle the Legalities of Starting a Business

A business is a legal entity that you need to formally establish using certain paperwork.

  • Educate yourself about the types of business models available and pick one to register your business as.

  • When you’re ready to get started, register your business.

  • Research your options regarding business bank accounts. You'll need one to manage your professional finances.

Find Ways to Reach Your Eco-Conscious Audience

Marketing will help raise your business's public profile and attract customers.

  • Use an affordable website builder to create your online platform to promote your business products and services.

  • Invest in marketing techniques like these specifically suited for eco-friendly businesses.

  • Find eco-conscious partners to collaborate with.

  • Try cross-promotion to further your business's reach.


Environmentalism and entrepreneurship can go hand-in-hand. There are many ways you can make money while remaining eco-friendly. The key to success is doing your research to determine a viable business concept and then implementing it in a strategic fashion.


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